The Academy is a three-day course in which attendees will be challenged to build a strategy from the ground up utilizing the framework provided by the Solve for Why coaches.

The course will discuss:

  • How mechanical adjustments can manipulate opponents
  • Spot identification
  • Range Construction
  • Preflop Range expansion
  • Leverage points (pain thresholds)
  • The benefits of waging war (manipulating the meta-game)
  • Understanding and embracing volatility
  • Maneuvering post flop (Range Advantage)
  • Business elements of being a pro (Going broke, backing, bankroll restrictions, etc)
  • Mental game (Elliot Roe, guest speaker)

Each day the nine attendees will have ample time to implement their newly constructed strategy in a practice setting. The players will compete in a mock $5/$10 game where RFID technology will provide the hole cards to the coaches who will then commentate on each individual’s play. Upon completion of the course each student will receive a completed video of the three days of play, complete with commentary. The cost for the Academy is $3,500.

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