General Questions

A: I think the more interesting question is why are we different?

There is a hole in the current poker training landscape.

Today,  majority of learning is  done through video consumption and hand history reviews.  Students are merely shown how to execute a strategy.   We like to challenge our students to create their own winning strategy.

We focus on thought processes which will prepare students to be versatile, and be agile in the heat of the moment. 

A: By stripping the game down to its most basic terms (why do we do what we do?) we start to build a strategy solidified in game mechanics geared toward answering that basic question of ‘why?’. 

When we question why we do what we do, it allows us to develop confident, calculated actions and reactions.

A: Our training method is live centric and aimed at developing a well rounded winner.  We examine more than just theoretical math– including psychology, mental game (tilt, risk aversion, self sabotage), and business acumen.

A: We have no interest in giving a man a fish; our focus is in teaching our students how to fish. There are no magical tricks or gimmicks to becoming a winning player. Our mission is to teach attendees how to think different.  Our goal is to provide our students the tools necessary to expand their learning techniques while developing a winning strategy.

A: Those who qualify for our elite course will be exposed to my entire playbook which I’ve built and utilized extensively at nosebleed stakes.  There is a heavy emphasis on spot identification as well as the many deviations from what common knowledge would deem to be “correct” play.

Questions about the next Academy

Yes.  Everyday, you will have a live game and discussion as a group and one-on-one time with the coaches as well as smaller group workshops.

You need to arrange your own accommodation.  We have a network of great Airbnb host in poker community.  It is possible to rent a housing through them and we can help you coordinate with other academy attendees.

We provide all meals, snack and drinks catered by local restaurants with healthy options such as Chipotle.  There will be plenty of bottled water, soda, etc.

Sure.  Just let us know in advance and we’ll order food that meets your needs.

Please fill out questionnaire provided in the Academy section.