“Berkey took our poker brains and completely unraveled them. The coaches then removed all of the shoddy construction, faulty wiring, cheap building materials, and threw them out. We were then charged with the task of rebuilding our poker mind. He did not give us the instruction manual on how to rebuild a poker brain, but showed us how to write the manual ourselves. The coaches assume we knew how to use the tools to build. Efforts were more focused on being able to explain WHY we should use this tool, how often this tool should be used to accomplish the task, and what the message of using that tool transmits. This process is taught through a “don’t miss the forest looking at the trees” mentality. The way that Berkey plays the game is simply unfound anywhere. The fact someone plays at the stakes he plays at is borderline insanity. He is actually TEACHING how he got there.”



I was very impressed with your camp. I had high expectations coming into it and I was still blown away. Your coaches were extremely knowledgeable and down to earth. They were all easy to talk to and in tune with every student’s strategy. Thank you for the great weekend and learning experience! I highly recommend this to anyone looking to take their game to the next level.



Full disclosure, I’m biased because I think Matt is brilliant at what he does so I thought the theory part of the camp was solid. I took multiple pages of notes. He thinks on a very high level and so know that you will have to tailor it to your games and opponents. This is not like the material you will get in typical camps which can be very generic and could be gotten out of a book. He talks about things you have never seen written about (and that’s why he plays the big game and 99.9% of people – including me don’t). All the coaches were great – each offering a different perspective. All the campers got time with all the coaches at various points. This is not a camp for a beginning player. I think a beginner would be completely overwhelmed. This is for someone who is looking to learn how to be a stone cold killer. You have to go into with the mindset that you are going to learn things that are most likely not in your comfort zone. If this fits you, then I highly recommend it! I loved every minute of it; it really got my neurons firing.


Dear Mr. Berkey,
The camp itself was a tremendous experience of learning about the game itself, by taking things into a completely different place in poker in which I don’t think many, if any, players see or will ever see… I could only retain bits and pieces of everything that was covered. But, I will assure you that I can recognize the value of it and the difference it can make. So, I wanted to thank you again for allowing me the chance to partake in that pool, or maybe lake of incredible insight/knowledge about playing the game…
Now, one other main thing. It also wasn’t just about your knowledge being shared… As you know everyone certainly wanted all your time, but the coaches that you had help you were just another extension of you when helping everyone else. They are very knowledgeable and were there to help everyone anytime they were asked…They were available the whole time and even after hours for questions and advice.
So, you asked for everyone to be honest about the camp and how to improve on it, if need be. My response to that is that I had a GREAT time with you & the guys and it was an incredible learning experience. You couldn’t have a better staff to help you and especially the students!!!
Again, thanks to you especially, and the others for all the help.