Our mission at Solve for Why is to provide attendees with a unique learning experience which challenges conventional wisdom while providing a framework to think differently. As we take a trip down the rabbit hole, we felt a responsibility to light the path by providing additional learning tools in order to ensure students continue to grow beyond the Academy.


The Academy 

A three day experience where attendees will be challenged to construct and implement a strategy from the ground up.  Would you like to sign up?


Private Forum 

As a means to further the discussion, we have created a private forum dedicated to those who have attended the Academy. Threads will be initiated by the Solve for Why instructors in order to promote a healthy discussion and learning environment.  Once you’ve attended the Academy, you will receive private forum credentials.


1-on-1 Coaching 

Private coaching is available to anyone interested in furthering his game. Coaching will be done over Skype and will be offered at a discounted rate to those who have attended the Academy. Each coach offers a free 30 minute introductory call to ensure both parties are satisfied with the curriculum moving forward.



Each quarter Solve for Why will host a webinar covering specific topics from the Academy curriculum. Once the chosen subject material has been exhaustively covered, coaches’ will selectively answer any relevant questions the attendees may have. The cost of each webinar will be $250, but all attendees will receive a $250 credit toward a future Elite Academy (*max credit $1000).


Refresher Course 

Former Academy attendees will have the opportunity to attend and observe a future Academy. The full 3-day experience will be available with the exception of game play. Instead, observers will be overseeing the live stream coverage with the ability to ask the coaches questions in real time. The cost for the Refresher Course will be $750.


Elite Academy 

The culmination of the learning path, the Elite Academy will be a five day experience where attendees will be challenged to expand upon and deviate from the strategy. The cost will be $6,000 barring any credits from the webinars.