Our approach to training is new and unique to the currently existing poker training space.  In 3 days, you will experience and learn invaluable cash game strategy from elite level coaches with proven track record.

Cutting-edge Technology First and only training camp to use RFID technology for recording and reviewing students’ entire play. 

Holistic Strategy Fundamentals and mechanics of poker isn’t enough. We teach you human element, emphasizing psychology and personal interactions.

Unique  We are the only training camp in the market that teaches live poker strategy. Elite cash game pros Matt Berkey and the Academy coaches teach and discuss their winning strategy.

Quality The experience levels of our elite poker coaches are second to none in the live poker training market.

Business Acumen Learn the business side of poker. We discuss our own paths and how we learn in a trial-by-fire manner.  You will learn how to navigate business deals such as selling action and staking.  We will discuss bankroll management and variance.

Psychology Learn survival skills necessary in reaching high level of success.  We will guide you through managing stress, mental focus, correct posture and other techniques.